Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Psalms in Scots

The Psalms have a special place in the Reformed faith, particularly in cultures which are centred upon Presbyterianism (for more information on this, see The Psalms in Human Life by Rowland Prothero, 1903).

There are two well-known Scots translations of the Psalms - The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scotch was translated by Henry Scott Riddell and published in 1857; The Psalms frae Hebrew Intil Scottis was translated by Rev P Hately Waddell and published in 1902. The Psalms have been an inspiration to millions of people - the ones linked below have been gathered up from various people in Ulster and Scotland over the past few years:


Psalm 23 - version 1 (by William Landles)

Psalm 23 - version 2

Psalm 23 - version 3

Psalm 23 - version 4 (by Sandy Forbes, Fraserburgh)

Psalm 23 - version 5 (by Alexander Montgomerie, 1545-1610)

Psalm 23 - version 6 (by Henry Scott Riddell, 1857)

Psalm 23 - version 7 (by Douglas Young)

Psalm 40

Psalm 100

Psalm 23 from "The Bible in Scots", 1963