Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Fare Ye Well, We’ll Meet Again

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: Band o’ Shearers


When first frae honour man did fa’
Death upon him laid a claw
An’ noo his makr’s upon us a’
Sae here we’ve nae abidin’
Fare the cradle we rise and rin
O’er life’s hills tae yon cauld tomb;
But, bless the Lord, the victory’s won
Through Him wha brocht salvation

Sae fare ye well, we’ll meet again
If no’ doon here, in yon bricht hame
What the saints will meet tae praise the name
Of Him wha brocht salvation

Through lang, lang years the monster railed
Nae mortal could his terrors quail
Till God’s dear Son cam’ doon Himsel
And tore the bands asunder
He muzzled the beast, an’ broke the spell
An’ burst the bars o’ death an’ hell
An’ noo He keeps the keys Himsel’
That we micht ha’e salvation

Believers a’ may noo gang free
The Lamb’s been slain for you an’ me
An’ noo He guides across life’s sea
Tae whaur there’ll be nae pairtin’
Though trials come jist like a gale
The gates o’ hell can ne’er prevail
For safe tae glory we shall sail
In the Ark o’ oor Salvation

Come, let us strive for sheaves tae bring
Tho’ stanes at us the deil may fling
Wi’ the gospel gun we’ll gie him a ding
Till we arrive in glory
An’ when at hame, for aye to be
Frae troubles when we’ll a’ be free
An’ wi’ fond freens we langed to see
We’ll meet an’ ne’er be pairtin’