Sunday, 3 August 2008

There’s Nane Like Jesus

Provided by: Pastor Peter Smith, Ballymena Elim Church
Source: “Duncan M’Neil’s Hymn Book”, Pickering & Inglis
Date: Circa 1930
Tune: Adapted & arranged by W Hislop


The world hauds oot its joys, its wee bit tinsel toys
And tries its best to captivate and please us
But to me it’s a' in vain, Sin can ne’er charm again
For a’ my hope and a’ my trust’s in Jesus

Jesus! Jesus! O’er land and sea there’s nane to me like Jesus
For He’s ta’en my sins awa', and He’s wash'd me white as snaw
And a’ my hope an a’ my trust’s in Jesus

The floo’ers that smell sae sweet, a’ wither at oor feet
The freens we lo’e sae weel they dee and leave us
But glory to His name! there’s ane wha’s aye the same
He never dees, He never leaves, it’s Jesus

To sit in lordly state, to rank amang earth’s great
And court the smile o’ ilka ane that sees us
To some joy may impart, but oh! this longing heart
Would aye in 'heavenly places' sit wi’ Jesus

We’ll work till day is dune, for nicht comes on fu’ sune
Nae mair the things o’ earth will vex or grieve us
For we’re going bye and bye, tae meet Him in the sky
And there for aye in bliss we’ll be wi’ Jesus