Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I will Arise and Go to My Father

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: Auld Robin Gray


Frae a happy hame a young man gaed, awa’ frae parental care
The worl’ taen his fancy, he langed its joys tae share
He asked and got the portion his faither had tae gie
Then gaithered a’ and journeyed to a faur kintree
Cronies he had plenty, as he made the siller gang
While he haunded roon’ the gless, they danced to him and sang
He spent his a’ amang them, then nane tae him did gie
But left him there forsaken in a faur kintree

Mem’ry’s shair tae follow, nae maitter whaur we gang,
As thochts o’ hame cam’ tae him he saw he had dune wrang
He socht for honest labour, and syne he got a fee
There tae min’ and feed the swine in a faur kintree
He fain wad filled his waeme wi’ the husks the swine did eat
And there wis nane wad help him o’ the freens he used to treat
I’ll rise and tae my faither gang, confess whit I hae dune –
If no a son, he’ll shairly as a servant tak’ me in

The tear wis in his e’e, as tae himsel’ he cam’
Wi’ courage new he bade adieu tae a’ he kent wis wrang
His faither saw him comin’ he lo’ed the wand’rin’ one
He fell upon his neck and kissed his long-lost son
“Faither I’ve sinn’d against Heaven, your kindness ha’e denied
Unworthy to be caw’d thy son,” when lood the faither cried
“The robe, the ring, the shin gang bring, the fatted calf mun dee,
For this my son safe hame has come frae a faur kintree”

This reminds us a’ freens, there’s Ane wha loo’s us weel
Tho’ ye hae wannert faur awa’ for you the Saviour feels
An’ aye He waits tae welcome – He says tae ane an’ a’
“Come, I will gie ye rest,” sae dinna bide awa’
See the love o’ Jesus; tae save a wretch like me
He left His Royal Palace an’ dee’t on Calvary
Sae leave your sin and come to Him – His love is aye the same
The prodigal wha e’er he be may hae a welcome hame

{ NB - the musical notation below has been sourced separately from the hymnal where the lyrics were published }