Monday, 13 October 2008

Kind, Kind Jehovah

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: by Alexander Halliday


God lo’ed us a’ whan sunk in sin
Nae haun tae help that could redeem
But see the love that gied His Son
Wha cam’ tae seek and save us

Sae kind, kind Jehovah is He
A’ His love He gied us
The sweetest gift this worl’ could gie
Wad ne’er compare wi’ Jesus

The rulers murmur’d whan He cam’
Because He supp’d wi’ sinfu’ man
But a’ they said an’ a’ they dune
Aye, He lo’ed us dearly

He climb’d the hill o’ Calvary
An faced the death for you an’ me
An’ thol’d the stripes tae set us free
His bluid an’ grace has saved us

He cast the bonds o’ death awa’
He raise a Conquer’r ne’er tae fa’
An’ Kings an’ Priests He’ll mak’ us a’
If we only wull receive Him