Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Best Freen o’ A’

Provided by: Pastor Peter Smith, Ballymena Elim Church
Source: “Duncan M’Neil’s Hymn Book”, Pickering & Inglis
Date: Circa 1930
Tune: Harmonized by DM Thomson


I mind when I used tae ha'e a lot o warldly freens
When I had lots to gi'e them, ye a’ ken whit that means
But when I needed help frae them, my freens wad melt awa’
But noo I’ve got the Saviour, He’s the best freen o’ a’

Oh! Glory to His name, He is aye the same
Tho’ earthly freens and freenships melt awa’
I can aye depend on Him, to gang thro’ thick and thin
For I ha'e proved that Jesus is the best freen o’ a’

I grew weary o’ my sins, I longed for peace and rest
Yet ne’er a freen could help me, my soul was sore distressed
Then Jesus took me to Himsel’, my sins He washed awa’
An’ noo I’m gaun to heaven wi’ the best freen o’ a’

Ev'ry earthly freen ye ha'e some day maun leave your side
When God shall send His message to cross death’s swelling tide
The only freen to help ye then, to drive yer fears awa
Is Jesus who has died for you, the best freen o’ a’

Jesus shed His precious blood to make my soul secure
His blessed word has said it and that’s what makes me sure
And whit the Saviour did for me, He’ll dae for you an’ a
So come awa to Jesus, He’s the best freen o’ a’