Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A’ Ma Hope (Nane Like Jesus)

Written by: Duncan McNeill (other version available here)
Date: Circa 1920
Tune: The Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond

Recorded by Scottish group “Crystal Clear” on their album “Feeling Fine”. Also recorded by the Low Country Boys on the 2006 cd "Sangs o Bairns an Hame (an a Wheen aboot Drink forbye)".

The world houls oot its joys, its wee bit tinsel toys
It daes its best tae captivate an’ please me
Tae me it’s aa in vain, sin ne’er can charm again
For a’ ma hope and a’ ma trust’s in Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, o’er land and sea – there’s nae freen tae me like Jesus
He’s ta’en my sins awa, an’ washed me white as snaa
Noo a’ ma hope and a’ ma trust’s in Jesus

Tae sit in Lordly state and rank amang Earth’s great
Or coort the smile o ilka yin that sees us
These things mean naught tae me – A’m happy tae be free
Tae dae His blissid will, this man ca’ed Jesus

The flooers that smell sae sweet, they wither at wor feet
The freens we lo’ed sae weel they dee an lee us
But glory tae His name, there’s Yin wha’s aye the same
He niver dees, He niver lees – tis Jesus
(He yinst did dee an ris for me – tis Jesus)