Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Hameland (The Song of the Emigrant)

Provided by: Anne Smyth, Ulster-Scots Language Society
Source: “Songs of the King’s Highway” by David J Beattie
Date: Unknown
Tune: by D Martyn Thomson


I’m far frae th’ hameland, ma ain native hameland
Where lang lang syne I pairted frae th’ anes I love sae dear
But He’s gien me gladness and banished ma sadness
For Jesus took th’ wand'rer in, and dried th’ fallin’ tear

Th’ Hameland! Th’ Hameland! That simmer land sae fair
Ma hert’s in th’ Hameland – I’m langin tae be there

I see thro’ th’ gloamin’ the wild torrents foamin’
It minds me o’ th’ days gaen by – th’ days o’ auld lang syne
I hear noo th’ singin’ – th’ auld hoose is ringin’
Wi' praises tae th’ Ane abune, wha noo I ken as mine

Th’ road oft is dreary, and whiles I am weary
I’m langin’ for th’ Hameland far awa’ ayont the tide
But thro’ shine and shower, I’m kept ev'ry hour
Oh I can never lonesome be, wi’ Jesus by ma side

Th’ years fast are fleein’, th’ lang nicht is deein’
And weel I ken ma Saviour will be comin’ vera sune
Ma he'rt noo is yearnin’ for that gladsome mornin’
When He will come and tak’ me tae th’ Hameland far abune