Tuesday, 4 November 2008

He’s Ta’en Oor Sins Awa

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: Happy We’ve Been a’ Thegither


When daith by sin were on us lyin’
An’ nae haun’ tae help ava
Jesus cam’ tae seek an’ save us
An’ He’s ta’en the sting awa’

Come awa’ friens, come tae Jesus
Ken He died tae save us a’
Noo His praises I’m fondly singin’
For He’s ta’en oor sins awa

He climbed the rugged hill tae save us
Faced the lion in his den
Conquered daith, an’ rose a victor
Life for a’ he brocht again

Savid by grace, we’re heirs o’ promise
Tae a city grand an’ braw
A royal robe, a croon o’ glory
An’ a mansion for us a’

An’ at last when ower the Jordan
Frae trouble then we’ll a’ be free
He’ll led us tae the livin’ fountains
An’ dry the tear frae every e’e