Monday, 13 October 2008

The Palace o’ the King

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: by Alexander Halliday


There’s a guid time comin’ freens, we’d like ye a’ tae ken
The King has sent His servants invitin’ sinfu’ men
Tae a Royal Banquet, the supper o’ the Lamb
An’ life that’s everlastin’, an a’thing else fu’ gran

Sae come awa’ tae Jesus, His grace wull mak’ ye free
Tho’ ye’ve wander’d faur awa’ He waits tae welcome ye
We’re singin’ as we journey, His bluid has made us clean
We’re gaun tae the banquet in the Palace o’ the King

Jesus bore the worl’s guilt, the sins o’ you an’ me
The mockin’ crood they taen Him, an’ nail’d Him tae a tree
He rent the veil asunder, an’ let His followers in
Tae share the Royal Banquet in the Palace o’ the King

Tho He de’ed He rose again, an’ lives for ever more
An’ noo He sorts a mansion for us when labour’s o’er
The table’s spread wi’ guid things, sic grandeur ne’er wis seen
Sae noo ye’re a’ invited tae the Banquet o’ the King

Dinna mak’ excuses freens, an’ say ye canna’ come
The Lord has paid the ransom, for us the vict’ry won
An’ when He comes He’ll tak’ us whaur sin has never been
We’ll shout His praise in glory, at the Banquet o’ the King.