Sunday, 3 August 2008

Awa' in a Manger

Provided by: Jack Adams, Ballymena
Source: traditional
Date: Unknown
Tune: traditional


Awa' in a ruch heck, nae bield for a bed,
The bairnie Lord Jesus set doun His sweit head,
The stars in the dark lift sklentit doun whar He lay –
A winkle-wee babbie, asleep i' the strae.

The kye, they are mooin’, the babby’s awauk,
But the wee thing, Lord Jesus, nae greetin' He’ll mak.
Bide near me, Lord Jesus, leuk doun frae the sky
An' stay in about me till mornin’s ‘ootby.

Bide near me, Lord Jesus, I ax ye tae stae
Cooried doun close aside me an lo'e me, I pray.
Bless aa the dear littlins yer hird tenderly,
Mak us wordy o' havin' tae dwell there wi' Thee.