Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Taste And See the Lord is Guid

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: O’ A’ the Airts


This warl’s joys like thorns crack
When lowin’ just a wee
They sine gang oot an’ a’ is black
An’ leeve nae licht tae see
Its lovers a’ are left tae sigh
Or else lie doon an’ dee
Sae come awa tae Jesus, noo
He lasting joy can gie

Oh taste and see the Lord is guid
Wha trusts in Him is blest
O’ a’ the joys this warl’ has kent
Oor Saviour is the best

Tae save us a’ the Saviour cam’
But oh, He suffered sair
He drank the bitter cup o’ wrath
This warl’s guilt was there
On Calvary’s cross He shed His bluid
Tae let us a’ gang free
He conquered daith an’ rose again
Baith life and joy tae gie

O, see the gift oor Saviour gain’t
Tae comfort you an’ me
It soothes the heart, and calms the fears
An’ dries the mourner’s e’e
It cheers us on when troubles come
What peace He aye can gie
Awa’ wi’ a’ yer warl’s joys
There’s nane like Him tae me

I’m shair it’s grand tae ken Him here
What maun it be up there
Whaur life an’ joys can never end
Awa’ frae sin and care
But, oh, tae see the Saviour’s face
His glory we shall share
Sae come awa’ tae Jesus noo
Ye’ll hae a welcome there

{ NB - the musical notation below has been sourced separately from the hymnal where the lyrics were published }