Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Oor Faither’s Hoose Abune

Provided by: June Marshall (Portadown) and Gordon Steel (Glasgow)
Source: “Sacred Scotch Solos" by Alexander Halliday
Date: Circa 1920?
Tune: Dinna Quarrel


The skies are clear and bonnie o’ this warl’ we’re leevin’ in
As we see the twinklin’ o’ the staurs an’ the glimmer o’ the mune
The sun in a’ its grandeur, as its rays aroon’ us fling
But these are jist the outside lichts o’ oor Faither’s hoose abune
The earth in a’ its beauty, her flooers sic fragraance bring
As we see the hills an’ valleys, in the bonnie sparkling spring
Her trees wi’ spreadin’ branches whaur the birdies shelter in
A’ pint to something grandeur in oor Faither’s hoose abune

I’m pressing on my journey, for a prize we a’ may win
An’ that will be a robe an croon’ in oor Faither’s hoose abune

An’, oh, to think o’ Jesus, wha left His realms abune
An’ cam doon tae this weary warl’ amang sic tents o’ sin
Seekin’ for the lost anes, that He micht bring them in
An’ be a licht to guide us tae oor Faither’s hoose abune
An’ oh, the pain He suffered in dark Gethsemane
Then upon Calv’ry’s mountain, whaur He bled for you an’ me
Doon through the grave He travelled, burst the bars o’ death and sin
But noo He reigns aye King owre a’ in oor Faither’s hoose abune

Sae I’m trustin’ noo in Jesus, an’ I’m sure that I’ll get in.
He has promised tae fetch me tae the mansion that’s abune
I ken that I’m unworthy, but His build has made me clean
Sae I’m waitin’ till He tak’s me tae my Faither’s hoose abune
There I’ll meet the loved ones wha cared sae much for me
An’ see my wee bit bairnies I fondled on my knee
Wi’ robes an’ palms an’ croons o’ gold, the victor’s song we’ll sing
Glory to the Lamb o’ God, in oor Faither’s hoose abune

There there’s neither sin nor sorrow, nae poverty nor pain
But peace an’ joy an’ happiness through eternity shall reign
The hauf I canna tell you – we’ll see when time is dune
But I’m sure it wull be glory in oor Faither’s hoose abune
Sae noo, my freens, mak’ ready; the time is wearin’ in
When daith will come an’ drag ye tae the judgement bar abune
Ah, but Jesus waits tae bless ye noo an’ tak’ awa’ yer sin
An’ bring us a’ in safety tae oor Faither’s hoose abune.