Thursday, 6 November 2008

Psalm 23 - Version 1

Newspaper clipping supplied by Pastor Peter Smith, January 2006.
Entitled “The Pearl O’ Psalms – a Scots rendering of Psalm XXIII”
By William Landles. Date and newspaper title unknown.


I’m in the Maister’s flock, He is my herd
And, sin’ He lo’es His ain, I’ve a’ that’s best
By waters calm He airts my thowless feet
And in the meadows fair He bids me rest

He kens my failings, merks my ilka turn
And whiles, when frae the track I gang astray
Wi’ tender care He tak’s me in His airms,
And sets me doo in His ain righteous way.

Though death should cuist her shadow in my gait,
And eerie seem the valley, mirk and lang
I’m suir nae han’ daur fash or daunton me
For Ye are there, my comfort and my sang

Ye’ve gi’en me meat amang my verra foes
Ye’ve shoo’ered your blessings on my worthless heid
My cup o’joy is fu’ and runnin’ ower
I’ve mair in Thee than meets my ilka need

My Maister’s guidness and His mercy strang
Has gane wi’me, and will through a’ the days
Till in His hame I dwell for evermair
Mine be the bliss, but His be a’ the praise!