Thursday, 6 November 2008

Psalm 23 - Version 2

Newspaper clipping supplied by Pastor Peter Smith, January 2006
Also appeared in the 1984 – 85 edition of the Larne and District Folklore Society Journal.
Author unknown.
Date unknown.
Tune – Brother James’s Air


Wha is my Shepherd weel I ken
The Lord himsel’ is He
He leads me whaur the girse is green
An’ burnies quaet that be

Aft times I fain astray wad gang
An’ wanner far awa
He fin’s me oot, He pits me richt
An brings me hame an’ a’

Tho’ I pass through the gruesome cleugh
Fin’ I ken He is near
His muckle crook will me defen’
Sae I hae nocht to fear

Ilk comfort whilk a sheep could need
His thochtfu’ care provide
Tho’ wolves an’ dogs may prowl aboot
In safety me He hides

His guidness an’ His mercy baith
Nae doot will bide wi’ me
While faulded on the fields o’ time
Or o’eternity.