Thursday, 6 November 2008

Psalm 23 - Version 4

Supplied by Margaret Wilson, Fraserburgh, April 2006.
Author was the late Sandy Forbes, former Head of History at Fraserburgh Academy and organist at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.
Tune: “Evan”.


My Shepherd if the Lord
And aye my ilka want He’ll fill
He ca’s me whaur the gerse grows green
And burnies row sae still.

My wandered sowl he’ll turn again
And a’ for his dear name
He’ll gar my thocthless fit aye haud
The road that brings me hame.

Nae dreid sal stoun by briest
When I gae throu deith’s dowie den
For Ye’re me Neiper and Your staff
Convoys me safely ben.

Ye\ve set me doun to sup my fill
My croun wi’ blessins co’er
In sicht o’ a’ that wish me ill
My bowlie’s breemin ower.

Throu a’ my days Your kindly care
Sal traivel at my side
And in my Father’s heavenly hame
For ever mair I’ll bide