Thursday, 6 November 2008

Psalm 100

Newspaper clipping supplied by Pastor Peter Smith, January 2006.
By T.T. Alexander M.A.
Date unknown.


Lat ilka clan in ilka lan’
Mak’ tae the Lord a blythesome sang
Ser’ Him wi’ mirth ow’re a’ the yirth
As ye intil His presence gang

Ken ilka ane, He’s God alane
Oor Makker, He and nane beside
We are His folk, we are His flock
Wha in His pasture may abide

Wi’ thankfu’ hert gang thro’ the yet
And, liltin’, a’ His Temple thrang
It’s richt that we sood gratefu’ be
And bless His name baith lood and lang

For God is kind, we a’ maun mind
His mercy siccar aye sal be
Lippen His truth, for it is sooth
As age on age can testifee.