Thursday, 6 November 2008

Psalm 40

Newspaper clipping supplied by Pastor Peter Smith, January 2006.
By T.T. Alexander M.A.. Date unknown.

O, dreich the longsome tryst I dree’d
Wi’ God the Lord, my ‘lane
He lootit doon, and frae aboon,
He hearken’d til my mane

He rax’d me frae a pit o’ wae
And frae the quaggs o’ wrang
Rock ‘naith my feet, He bade me leet
The gait that I sood gang

Wi’ liltin’ new, He then my mou’
Wi’ praise tae Him did fill;
Wha see and fear sal win the lear
The Lord tae lippen til

O, blithe are they, wha ilka day
Upo’ the Lord depen’
Nor honour gie tae sic as be
But fause and forward men