Thursday, 6 November 2008

Psalm 23 - Version 7

Provided by Maynard Hanna, November 2006, who had been given it earlier in the week.
Entitled “The 23rd Psalm O’ King Dauvit, frae the Hebrew” by Douglas Young


The Lord's my herd, I sall nocht want
Whaur green the gresses grewe
sall be my fauld. He caas me aye
whaur fresh sweet burnies rowe.

He gars my saul be blyth aince mair
That wandert was frae hame,
And leads me on the straucht smaa gait
For sake o His ain name.

Tho I suld gang the glen o mirk
I’d grue for nae mischance
Thou bides wi me. Thy kent and cruik
Maks aye my sustenance.

Thous spreads ane bord and gies me meat
Whaur aa my faes may view
Thous sains my heid wi ulyie owre
And pours my cogie fou

Nou seil and kindliness sail gae
Throu aa my days wi me
And I sail wone in God’s ain hous
At hame eternallie