Thursday, 9 December 2010

"The Lasting Hame"

Published in "The Songs and Hymns of the Scottish Highlands" by Lachlan MacBean (Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow and Oban, 1888)
A translation of a Scottish Gaelic hymn originally written by Rev Peter Grant, translated into Scots by MacBean.
Tune is a Gaelic Air. Musical notation available here.

In this puir warl', fu' o' sin an' shame,
Where death an' change can ilk moment claim,
Where frien's are ever frae frien's dividin'
Tae gang an' bide in the Lasting Hame.

Baith young an' auld tae the grave are ta'en
Baith weak an' bauld death will mak' his ain
In health or sickness, in peace or anger,
They can nae langer on earth remain.

A solemn warnin' is this tae a'
That I maun never pit far awa'
But aye be ready, for this is tellin'
The earthly dwellin' is sune tae fa'.

But if we ken the sweet joyfu' soun'
An' ha'e our treasure in Jesus foun'
An' tread the pathway o' truth an' blessin'
Still forward pressin', tae Zion boun'.

In ilka trial we ha'e tae bear
We'll nestle near Him, there's shelter there,
For if we trust Him, whate'er betide us,
He'll save an' guide us for ever mair.

His frien's on earth He will ne'er disclaim,
But bring wi' joy a' that lo'e His name
Frae His dear presence nae mair tae sever
But share for ever His Lasting Hame.