Monday, 13 October 2008

My Sins are A' Awa'

Provided by Mark Thompson
Source: “Songs of Salvation" by Seth & Bessie Sykes, Glasgow
Date: Circa 1924
Tune: "They're Faur Across the Sea" or for verses only "I'm Anchored" - Redemption Songs no 838

Recorded by the Low Country Boys on the 2005 cd "Gran Time Comin" to the hymn tune "I've Found a Friend in Jesus".


Burdened doon wi' sin an grief, no a frien' tae gi'e relief
Wand'rin blindly doon the dark broad road o' sin
Wi' a spirit fu' o' fears an' a pack o' wasted years
No a licht tae point the goal I fain wad win
O my feet were unco sair
And my hert wi' thorns o' care
While my mony friens had vanished like the snaw
It was then that Jesus came
Wi' His hert o' leevin' flame
An' my ev'ry sin He banished far awa

They're far, far awa'
A' my sins baith great an sma'
The Saviour by His blood has freed me from them a'
Tho' they were red as crimson
Jesus washed them white as snaw
He put them far ahint His back
Noo they're far far awa'

Noo the Lord is a' my sang, I must praise Him a' day lang
For He saves and keeps me by His mighty power
Never lets a day go by but He sends me from on high
A' the grace that keeps me fresh as Sharon's flower
He supplies my ev'ry need, on His precious word I feed
An' the breezes o' His spirit ower me blaw
He can speaks an a' is well, come and prove Him for yersel'
An' yer mony sins He'll banish far awa'

Aftentimes I lang tae be since the road grew bricht an free
In the hameland whaur the glory never dees
An' for ev'ry frien' I've lost, I have found a faithfu' host
Till my blessings are like wines upon the lees
But the frien' o frien's is Christ, who for a' my wants sufficed
An' I fear nae mair the thunders o' the Law
For while Earth is growin dim, lo! I stand complete in Him
Wi' my sins for ever banished faur awa